At the House of Balance we understand the challenges on organisations to move at a faster pace than ever often with increasing demands and too few resources. We believe the effects of good coaching helps organisations evolve and stay ahead of the game through developing a culture of trust that releases creativity and energy to transform results.
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Over the last ten years coaching within many organisations has become integrated in learning and development programmes focusing on employees having task oriented goals to better themselves. However, our corporate coaching experts recognise the growing shift towards a holistic approach to coaching that looks at the organisation as a whole, its strategic objectives and long-term goals, to create a coaching framework that empowers and motivates employees and teams and aligns their behaviours, actions and goals with the long-term ambitions of the organisation.
Our team of experienced coaches have a proven track record in coaching organisations to achieve a shared vision and goal, plan the right approach to achieving these ambitions and delivering a tailored coaching solution with measurable outcomes to drive sustainable change and performance.

Benefits of Corporate Coaching to your Organisation

Improves performance and growth

Builds a culture of trust, empathy and co-operation

Increases the confidence, resilience and performance of leaders

Reduces conflict and stress to create a thriving, healthy workforce

Creates a shared common goal between, employees, teams and leaders

Unleashes creative thinking to remove roadblocks and find clarity

Increases employee engagement, productivity and retention

How our Corporate Coaching works

The House of Balance leads and adopts  to help organisations develop a holistic coaching model that is tailored, flexible and practical and a true catalyst for positive change.

We help you embed a Coaching Culture aligned with your strategic and long-term goals.

We collaborate with you to build a sustainable Coaching Framework that meets the demands of a rapidly evolving world.

We align and implement a Coaching Programme focused on the needs of your leaders, teams and talent to drive your organisation forward.

What does a Coaching Culture look and feel like?

Is your organisation ready to invest in a coaching culture to transform performance and results?
Do you have concerns that your leaders, teams and employees are not all pulling in the same direction to achieve growth?
Is coaching happening in your organisation but not seeing the results to move forward?
A successful coaching culture has moved away from driving performance with commands and controls to creating an environment that is collaborative, innovative and inspiring. It is mindful of the competing demands and stresses of everyday life and fosters empathy, health and well-being. It allows an organisation to inspire and encourage its employees to adopt new mindsets, remove roadblocks to progression and make positive change happen.
Our corporate coaching team will work with your organisation to create an environment of mutual respect where teams and employees are able to think creatively to solve problems and have the confidence to make decisions.
It means leaders are free to focus on growing the organisation to meet long-term strategic and personal goals.

How a Coaching Framework improves my Organisation?

Do your employees effectively prioritise and delegate the right tasks to the right people at the right time to achieve a good work-life balance?
Are there teams or individuals in your organisation suffering from low morale and poor performance?
Would you like your organisation to find more time for creativity and innovation?
The uncertainties in today’s fast paced world – government regulations, multi-generational workforce and new technologies – have an impact on employee engagement and productivity.
By developing a coaching framework it calls time on the busy life of doing and allows an organisation to reset and start to think about what they are doing and why. It allows behaviours to be discussed, clarity to emerge and practices implemented to create the positive environment required to drive performance.
The House of Balance will work with your organisation to help you define what coaching means to you and why it is critical to your success. Together we will build a sustainable coaching framework that aligns employee and organisational ambitions through understanding where your organisation is now, wants to be and how to get there.
The coaching framework will:

Create confident, capable and inspiring leaders.

Emower employees in an engaged and productive way.

Retain and motivate talent.

Transform organisational performance.

It means your organisation can continually evolve and adapt to the rapidly changing world around us.
Corporate Coaching Organisation Melbourne

What is the impact of a successful Corporate Coaching Programme?

Is your organisation stuck in a cycle of expensive education and training programmes?
Do you need to bridge a workplace generation gap in your organisation?
Does a different kind of conversation need to happen in your organisation to encourage employees to think differently?
A good coaching programme integrates learning and development, digital technology and psychology to empower teams and individuals to remove roadblocks and find clarity and direction.
It closes the gap between younger employees and experienced executives and leaders by encouraging creativity, shared learning and a different kind of conversation to drive positive change collectively throughout your organisation.
Our coaching programme focuses on the development of curious, resilient and healthier minds to change beliefs and behaviours that will drive your organisation forward. It is scalable and structured to support your organisation, its leaders, teams and talent.

We can help your organisation

Improve skills and performance of your leaders, teams and talent to increase impact and influence

Create a competitive advantage in leadership excellence

Build cohesive teams that achieve results

Attract, retain and develop current and potential talent

Be recognised for diversity and inclusivity

Understand the human side of change – the emotional and practical impact

Break through derailing behaviour and limiting beliefs that stand in the way of advancement

Navigate organisational politics by having a different kind of conversation

Identify, engage and retain talent who are inspired to reach personal and organisational goals

Harness a greater commitment to accountability

Who can benefit from Corporate Coaching?

Leaders within your organisation
An organisation is only as successful as its leaders.
At House of Balance we have developed leadership coaching processes that create deep, systematic change that profoundly transforms a leader’s perspective, performance and bottom-line results. Individuals are encouraged to:

Break through personal barriers

Face perceived fears

Accept and act on constructive feedback

Develop emotional intelligence and the time to self-reflect

Prioritise and delegate more effectively

Improve work-life balance and reduce stress and pressure

Our team of expert coaches have successfully coached C-suite executives and new and emerging leaders through our Leadership programme.
Executive Teams within your Organisation
When engaging with your team there are three simple questions we ask them to consider:
How they are doing?
What they are doing?
Why are they doing it?
By asking these questions the team is empowered to recognise their own strengths, the barriers to their success and unleash creativity and energy to pursue new ideas and alternative solutions with confidence and resilience.
We have successfully coached both teams and individuals within those teams through our comprehensive coaching programme. Our proven coaching process supports teams to:

Quickly break down barriers

Build relationships based on trust

Communicate openly

Align behaviours and ways of working

Bring clarity to team goals

Share a vision and commitment

Improve performance and see incredible results

Talent within your organisation
At House of Balance we recognise that your people are the most important asset in achieving organisational goals. Our Executive Coaching  is aimed at future potential and emerging leaders. The aim of this approach is give individuals the ability and confidence to break down barriers, remove limiting beliefs and reach their full potential.
Our executive coaching team have successfully coached high performing individuals to have:

Greater self-esteem and confidence with reduced pressures

Self-reflective exploration and higher emotional intelligence

Effective communication and management of relationships

Better time management and improved work-life balance

Greater job satisfaction and career opportunities

Increased engagement and productivity

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Women as Leaders within your organisation

The most successful organisations have genuine gender equality at senior levels. They have inclusivity and diversity at the very core of their strategy.
At House of Balance our experience tells us that whilst there has been increased investment in recent years in diversity initiatives and training programmes to develop female talent, organisations are disappointed with the speed or progress they have made. Our coaching programme for women in business addresses the three critical areas for success to create real change.

Behaviours and beliefs of female employees that might limit career progression and ambition

Leadership culture and the need for leaders to champion female talent

Alignment of organisational practices to create a diverse and inclusive culture

We have developed a successful coaching structure that supports the career progression and ambition of female talent. We strongly believe in creating a safe, supportive environment that enables women to address the unique issues they face. From our experience this approach has provided renewed energy and focus to achieve clarity on how they achieve their professional and personal goals.
Our corporate coaching  successfully empowers women in business to have

A clear, shared career plan and the vision on how to get there

The mind-set that sees no barriers to advancement

Self-advocacy and the conviction in their own strengths and accomplishments

Confidence in developing influential and strategic relationships

The skill of delegation

Credibility, gravitas and resilience

Access to a supportive network of female executives

We have advised organisations to recognise the value in gender equal leadership and supported them to attract, retain and develop their female talent alongside developing organisational practices that enables the advancement of women. The result has led to creative excellence, greater emotional intelligence, improvement in team performance, increased profits and has most importantly set a blueprint for the next generation of female leaders.

A successful organisation is a healthy organisation

An organisation is healthy when its employees from top to bottom are happy, healthy, empowered and motivated. But the increasing demands on daily life can lead to unhealthy habits, stress, and exhaustion.
Our Corporate Wellness Coaching  provides a platform to transform mind-sets and encourage behavioural change. It is based on a strong sense of trust and mutual respect to build a rapport that is genuine, supportive and has positive energy.
The House of Balance has successfully coached individuals through personal assessments that:

Help an individual understand their core values and what motivates them

Empower an individual to take control of their destiny

Develop sustainable habits and a healthy perspective on life

Refocus priorities and improve work-life balance

Evaluate strengths and what success looks like for them

Set goals that are manageable and achievable

Encourage positive self evaluation

How we are different and better

Our process is our own – created, tested, refined and used with extraordinary success.

Our approach is distinct with measurable outcomes.

We go beyond simply training and teaching: we create sustainable change.

We like to think we are the most innovative coaching organisation in Australia.

What's Next?