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Corporate Executive Coaching

At The House of Balance, we deliver executive coaching that focuses on what helps you achieve measurable outcomes and sustainable change — not only for yourself, but also for your team and entire organisation.
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Simply put, we systemically drive performance.
Armed with our proven track record of success and our team of experienced coaches, we help our clients focus on the bottom line and grow their business. From vision to planning to execution, we help our clients create tangible plans to achieve greater results.

Is executive coaching right for me?

As much as we are willing to help you through our unique brand of coaching, we want to make sure that you are the sort of individual or organisation who will benefit the most from our services.
Are you:

Newly promoted but lacking support in taking on your new responsibilities?

Seeking to advance your career and wanting to make sure you are doing everything necessary for it?

Looking for support to make a career change because you’re unhappy at your current job?

If you do not fit any of these profiles, perhaps you may be coming up against one or more of these scenarios at your workplace:

You give everything for your job, but you’re not being appreciated for it

You want to work towards a promotion, but don’t know where to start

You feel like you lack clarity and direction

You have not been able to break through your weaknesses

You have limiting self-beliefs despite being told you’re capable at what you do

You believe you’re spinning your wheels

Our different, balanced approach to executive coaching will help you find solutions to all of these problems.

Who can benefit from balanced executive coaching?

Senior managers and executives
Your goals are centred on issues of meaning and purpose. You want to achieve career progression in your executive capacity, but you also want to ensure your organisation contributes to society in the best possible way through its vision and ethics.
Our balance-focused executive coaching will help you achieve clarity on every front so you can achieve your personal and professional goals.
Mid-level and senior professional or technical specialists
The transition to management from prior leadership or technical roles is daunting for many. Middle managers must meet their superiors’ expectations while ensuring their own teams are operating smoothly. To do this, a specific skill set of strong people skills, effective communication and a focused strategy is required
Our executive coaching will provide a balanced perspective on the challenges and experiences faced by individuals in these roles, as well as offer a clear solution to problems and limiting beliefs impairing these leaders.
Returning expatriates
Expatriates returning home to work may struggle to reacquaint themselves with the professional environment they were once used to. Cultural discrepancies and dynamic workplace changes add to the pressure returning expats face when they adjust to living back home.
Our executive coaching helps returning expatriates balance this fine line in their professional environment and find a balance in work and life suited to them.
Small business owners
Your business needs to function well regardless of its size, and we find that small business owners face many similar challenges to leaders in executive and managerial positions in large organisations. Despite having a need for effective solutions, many small business owners lack the resources to acquire them.
Our method of executive coaching is flexible and geared towards helping small business owners manage operations in a balanced way to manage workload, growth and scalability.
Managing directors and CEOs
Being the head of your company means that you shoulder many important responsibilities simultaneously, and it can be a very lonely job often done with minimal guidance. We find that organisational heads tend to struggle with the balance of growing their businesses and leading their teams, because they are not equipped with enough skills for both.
Companies that use coaching have been found to achieve stronger market performance. Our way of executive coaching seeks to help company heads old and new make that happen strike the right balance between managing and leading as soon as possible.

How we are structured

Our journey in coaching has taught us that you can do many things to make your work and life more balanced. You can find more time to spend with your spouse and children. You can find ways to go to the concerts and movies you so enjoyed going to before the weight of executive responsibility took over. And you can find more margin in your life to do more work.
Executive coaching engagements include a telephone calls and email support between sessions and access to additional free resources (reading material, balanced coaching, recommended reading etc). Sessions are offered in person, on the phone or as a combination of both. We are also available on-site or at your place of business. If you’re an individual who enjoys a cafe-style setting, we’re happy to oblige as well.
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When should you get an executive coach?

Executive coaching is about change. However, you must take responsibility for your change, and the answers appear as you dismantle your limiting beliefs and create breakthrough moments that empower your team and organisations. A coach or a boss cannot change you.
Some of the reasons why executives seek a coach include:

Transitioning between jobs

Being passed over for a promotion

Acted out in a dysfunctional manner

Stuck in a job with little apparent opportunity for progression

Bored or lacking in motivation at current job

Individual has not lived up to their own potential neither in their view nor the view of leaders in the organisation.

Personal problems that spill over into work

Significant organisational change in strategy, structure or reporting relationships

Not up-to-date with assets and/or liabilities that impact performance

Be prepared to put in the effort in a coaching relationship. We believe that a good coach does not tell you what to do, but helps you find the answers that work best for you.

The benefits of executive coaching

Coaches help people and teams win, and we want to help you do just that. The wins for individuals that are involved in a successful executive coaching strategy include:
Some of the reasons why executives seek a coach include:

increased engagement and productivity

higher self-esteem and a better work-life balance

more effective communication and management of direct reports

greater awareness of (unhelpful) patterns and habits

better time management

greater job satisfaction and career opportunities

The House of Balance hones in on your strengths as well as those of your people, and how to effectively harness them whilst also addressing anything that may be holding them back. Successful executive coaching helps people gain:

Improved resilience, mental toughness, self-belief and confidence

Greater team performance

More effective personal impact

Improved engagement and leadership of people

Improved working relationships

More effective personal impact

Calmness and reduced pressure

Innovative thinking

Greater ability to influence upwards

How Does It Work?

The purpose of executive coaching is to help coachees become better executives. Better executives drive better performance, which achieves better measurable results and sustainable change.
Coaching programs include telephone and email support between sessions and access to additional free resources (reading material, balanced coaching, recommended reading etc).
Our measurable executive coaching method helps executives develop higher emotional intelligence, communicate with greater impact and influence, think more strategically, prioritise and delegate more effectively.
By breaking through personal barriers and limiting beliefs, executives perform at their highest levels, which has an exponential return on team culture and bottom-line results.

Who can benefit from balanced coaching?

Senior managers and executives
Mid-level and senior professional or technical specialists
Returning expatriates
Small business owners
Managing directors and CEOs

How We’re Different and Better

We go beyond simply training and teaching; we create sustainable change
Our process is our own – created, tested, refined and used with extraordinary success
Our approach has distinct phases with measurable outcomes
We like to think we are the most innovative life coaching organisation in Australia.

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