Individual coaching Programs for Executive, Leadership, Business Owners and Personal & Life Coaches

Sometimes, even though people are able to identify the positive changes they wish to make in their lives, they procrastinate or feel powerless to make the changes. At other times people are unaware that unhealthy habits and behaviors have become entrenched and are causing unhappiness.
Negative mindsets, limiting beliefs, communication breakdowns and blind spots can prevent people from realizing their potential and living the life they desire.
Our coaches and mentors have the skills and experience to work with individuals who may be stuck in a rut, frustrated or unfulfilled by their current lifestyle – personal and professional. Through our comprehensive assessments we ensure we understand each person’s unique core values, life goals and ambitions before working with them to develop an individualized coaching strategy.
At House of Balance, we will be by your side as you discover who you really are and realize your full potential.

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How We’re Different and Better

Our solution clearly ties innovation to business strategy and includes metrics for success

Our approach balances tensions that arise between running the current business while exploring ways to transform the business

We go beyond simply training and teaching; we create sustainable change

Through co-creation, we build a collaborative culture that is more nimble and agile

Our approach has distinct phases with measurable outcomes

We’re the most innovative leadership development organisation in the world

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