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House of Balance develops confident, capable and inspiring leaders who make cultural change happen, drive performance and improve employee engagement. Fast-track your leaders with high-impact development and performance coaching.
leadership development coaching
Our vision is leaders with the proper coaching skills to motivate teams and individuals, as well as empower direct reports and work with both bosses and peers in a manner that reduces friction and enhances productivity.
We aim to ensure people feel involved in their own development, so what they learn sticks with them. That’s why we’re recognised as one of the top leadership development firms in the world
How We’re Different and Better

We go beyond simply training and teaching; we provide continuous learning

Our process is our own – created, tested, refined and used with extraordinary success

Our approach has distinct phases with measurable outcomes

We liked to think we are the most innovative life coaching organization in Australia.

Who can benefit from balanced coaching?

Senior managers and executives

Mid-level and senior professional or technical specialists

Returning expatriates

Small business owners

Managing directors and CEOs

What's Next?