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When life is busy, unhealthy habits can become entrenched. Many people are stuck in a rut feeling frustrated and powerless to make the necessary changes in their lives to achieve balance, good health and all-round happiness.
life coaching services
Life coaching is a way of working with people to identify their limiting beliefs, blindspots and mindsets. It helps people understand their core values, life goals and how to achieve them.
At House of Balance we work with individuals, business owners and employees at every level of an organisation to achieve personal and professional goals. We are driven by our desire to help people through the power of life coaching to regain momentum, motivation and a sense of direction. Our inspirational coaches draw on a wealth of experience to help people achieve their personal and professional goals, aspirations and desire for work-life balance.
Too often people are limited by their own beliefs and prevented from realising their full potential. Don’t procrastinate or feel powerless – become a healthier and happier person today.

How We’re Different and Better

We go beyond simply training and teaching; we create sustainable change
Our process is our own – created, tested, refined and used with extraordinary success
Our approach has distinct phases with measurable outcomes
We liked to think we are the most innovative life coaching organization in Australia.

Who can benefit from balanced coaching?

Senior managers and executives

Mid-level and senior professional or technical specialists

Large organisations and their workforce

Small business owners

Managing directors and CEOs

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