Michael Ebejer

Driving business and personal results through human-focused solutions

Michael is fuelled by a passion to help people and organisations realise their full potential. He has provided coaching, consulting and breakthrough leadership and learning solutions across a variety of industries for over 15 years.
In addition, he has built a reputation as a collaborative leader with a proven ability to foster trust and influence change across many boundaries. He has a history of working with senior executives, building measurably higher-performing teams and healthy organisational culture, and executing talent development strategies that align with business goals.
Michael has been the owner and director of several large Melbourne-based companies with more than 300 employees for the past three decades.
The good news is he still has plenty of time to share his business experience, making him your ideal coach.

Stuart Clarke

Helping people reach their potential through lasting strategies

Stuart is passionate about helping people realise their potential and make a difference in their lives. Through his focus on business, health and wellbeing, Stuart works with clients to understand their limiting beliefs and overcome them.
As a coach and mentor, Stuart draws on years’ of professional experience assisting people to recognise their core values and understand their mindsets and life goals. Through a program targeted to each client’s needs and objectives, Stuart helps people who may be frustrated, stuck in a rut or experiencing a loss of power in their lives to develop and sustain healthy habits, peace and lasting change.
Working with people from all walks of life, Stuart has a wealth of experience in motivating change and coaching people to achieve the life they desire.

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