Coaching is fast becoming a core competency requirement in the workplace and in day to day life.

House of Balance has designed coaching styles that can be personalised to support a variety of individuals who are seeking life-changing habits, or a more balanced career path. We influence ordinary people, C-suite executives, business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs.
As your coach, we help you identify blind spots and limiting beliefs, then instil core values and a solid view of your purpose. Through this, we help to create new strategies to achieve your desired outcome.
Experience has taught us that clients want to learn from someone who has been in their position and who can offer powerful coaching to remove individual barriers. By working together, we can achieve a better life balance and a more successful business or career.
You already have the answers to take the next step, but we facilitate this discovery to produce lasting change.

How We’re Different and Better

We go beyond simply training and teaching; we create sustainable change

Our process is our own – created, tested, refined and used with extraordinary success

Our approach has distinct phases with measurable outcomes

We liked to think we are the most innovative life coaching organization in Australia.

Who can benefit form balanced coaching?

Senior managers and executives, that require better life and professional balance

Individuals who want to develop their leadership skills

 Individual to maximise full potential and reach your desired outcomes

Teams who want to increase coordination, communication, and collaboration

Organization wanting to create high performing executives and leaders

What's Next?