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A fixed-price coaching model won’t always meet everyone’s different needs and goals. At the House of Balance, we
create a flexible pricing model to cater to your individual, executive or corporate challenges.

We’ll talk to you and then tailor an experience where we reach your desired outcome and uncover your brilliance. In
fact, we’ll help make it easy for you to choose your ideal coaches.

Try our coaching on for size – a month’s worth of coaching spread across four weekly half-hour sessions, free of

Individual coaching

Everyone is unique, despite sharing common challenges and triumphs. That’s why our process is individualised – our individual coaching works best for clients when we align our coaching structure to meet their specific needs.

We use our time together to uncover the things that get you stuck in life.

From there, we’ll devise and work through a strategy to overcome your challenges, giving you the freedom to be more balanced and present in your relationships and work.

$130 plus GST per Session OR 5 Sessions $550 plus GST

Executive coaching

Climbing the corporate ladder can be tough, whether you’re male or female. Our executive coaching shows you how to dominate your career obstacles, empowering you from the inside out. Successful leaders are always evolving.

They find new sources of inspiration, and seeking trusted advisors with fresh perspectives. Our executive coaching keeps you accountable and intensifies your focus on what it takes to be a true leader in the corporate world.

Are you ready to make a difference — for yourself, your team and your organisation?

5 Session $775 plus GST  OR 5 Sessions $550 plus GST

Corporate coaching

Most organisations believe they already have the skills and tools to adapt to the rapidly changing corporate landscape – but they just don’t know how to connect the dots.

Our team of coaches have first-hand business experience and come from varied backgrounds, ensuring that we can connect you with the right coach for your specific organisational needs.

We work to develop a healthy work environment through one-on-one coaching and other strategies that build strong, trusting relationships. This is how we connect the dots to create an enthusiastic, motivated workforce which improves your company’s profits.

Our pricing is built around your coaching requirements.

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